Our ecosystem involves the Aviatrix game, the exclusive Aviatrix Tournament, the premier collection of Aviatrix Starter Pack (NFTs), the GameFi model, Farming, Staking, the Referral Program, FCON Ambassadors Program, users' accounts with personal inventory and the dashboard. With these features, we aim to onboard the next generation of players as well as amplify GameFi features to scale blockchain and contribute to paving the way for the massive adoption of Web3.

Usage of Funds from Aviatrix Starter Pack:

To this day, Space Falcon has a runway of 5 years to continue building and scaling the ecosystem, games and GameFi products with the active participation coming from the community in DAO Voting.

The latest updates of the game and website along with rewards distribution were optimized and finalized based on community feedback which shaped the products we have now.


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