🌝Chapter 1: Origin Of Planets

General Info

Total Size: 1645 NFTs Minted: Feb 3rd 2022

Get NFTs in the marketplace is below:


1. Farming (no lock) - Earns 1 FP a day per NFT. 2. Staking (3 months) - Earns boosted 50 FP a day per NFT and special FCON, SOL, USDC airdrops at various stages. Selected stakers will receive Aviatrix Starter Packs for FREE.

3. Tournaments - participation and ability to earn Rewards Points.

4. Native NFT marketplace (In development).

5. NFT Burn - Option to Burn NFT for $FCON (the amount of FCON depends on the prize pool).

Funds used to develop the game Aviatrix: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/avi-35e86e

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